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East London Community Makers

Have you just arrived in the UK and are you based in East London?

Through our 'East London Community Makers' programme, we connect newly arrived migrant women with the opportunities they need to establish their chosen professions in the UK. If you're unemployed or in a job that doesn't fit your career aspirations, then we're here to support you and help you realise your talent:

  • We provide a safe and comfortable learning environment in women only classes, where students can: learn and socialise with other women migrants, build confidence, and have shared experiences with others who can understand the challenges of transferring professional skills in a new country of residence
  • We offer relevant guidance and tailored individual career action planning
  • We'll invite you to take part in the Professional Skills Programme, where students can meet local migrant women who have successfully re-established their previous professions in the UK
  • We offer support with volunteering options and work experience in a variety of commercial and charitable settings
  • We also offer extensive flexible skills training

At ELATT, we aim to harness the talents and ambitions of professional migrant women and guide them to focus their skills in industry areas that will benefit from their expertise. We recognise that increased professional integration is positive for our society as it encourages social participation, good citizenship and brings skilled people into our workplaces.

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