Mathangi Vikranth

Mathangi Vikranth

VP at Credit Suisse | 2019

I have been a trustee of ELATT since January 2019 and really enjoy being a trustee of a charity that helps young people and adults progress in life and work. The ethos of ELATT enabling students from disadvantaged backgrounds into employment through digital skills is something very close to my heart.


I am also at Credit Suisse, in the Technology function. I hold an MSc in Enterprise Information Systems and a BSc in Computer Science and Management from King’s College London. I went from being a Java Developer to Lean Six Sigma Project and Program/Portfolio Management. My current role is Head of Audit, Risk & Controls in the Technology Security Services area, where I am able to continue to display my high energy and positive style.


I am extremely passionate about making technology a more diverse culture, particularly encouraging more girls into STEM careers. I had a leadership role in the Credit Suisse IT Women’s Council and I currently program manage the IT graduates from attracting/selecting them into Credit Suisse, retaining and developing them.


I encourage and coach the people around me to contribute and grow (I mentor both staff internally and people outside of Credit Suisse too). I am very keen to keep being an ambassador for under-represented groups in technology.

I also had the opportunity to get chosen on an assignment as part of “Global Citizen’s Program” where I provided leadership, guidance and expertise on establishing and implementing project management best practice to an NGO – City Year UK (youth social action charity).